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The Boardley family is linked to the Cole family. Anna Boardley, daughter of Aquilla (William) and Catherine Boardley (1789-1894)[1], married Isaac Cole. There was a "Quilty Boadly" living in Robeson, Berks County, PA at the time of the 1830 census[2]. Quilty could have been a nickname for Aquilla or the misspelling of the census taker. In his household were six "free coloured persons"[3]. Aquilla Boardley was living in East Nantmeal, Chester County, PA at the time of the 1840 census[4]. In his household were six individuals listed as "free colored persons"[5]. The next head of household listed on the 1840 census page of East Nantmeal, Chester County, PA is Wilkinson Hill, age 35-under 55, also noted to be a "free colored" person[6]. Catharine Bodely had a son named Wilkinson born about 1839 (supposed based on the 1850 census)[7]. It is possible that the Hill and Bodley families are related. William (54) and Catharine (50) "Bodley" lived with Sarah (18), Anna (17), Edward (15), George (13), Wilkinson (11), Matilda (9), Israel (6), and Henry (3) Bodley in Lower Merion Township, Montgomery County, PA at the time of the 1850 Census[8]. William was listed as being a laborer[9]. Also residing in the household was Cato Dickerson (24)[10]. Everyone in the house was listed as being born in Pennsylvania[11]. Aquilla Boardley owned land in Berks County which bordered Hopewell Furnace on the east side[12]. He died intestate[13]. In the 1860 Census of Union Township, Catharine (65), Henry (14), and Lidya (4) Badley lived with Jane (23) and Mary Ann (9) Johnson. The Badleys were listed as being born in Pennsylvania[14]. Catharine Boardley's maiden name was Amous and on her daughter's death certificate she was listed as being born in Baltimore, Maryland[15]. Catharine Boardley was the oldest resident in Chester County before she passed away in 1894[16]. Edward Boardley worked as an assistant keeper at Chester County Prison for over seventeen years prior to his death, which occurred in May of 1905 when he passed away from heart disease at his mother's grave[17].

Aquilla (William) Boardley

Catherine Boardley


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