Stephen Balliet (1809-1860)

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Stephen Balliet married Maria Anna Bieber (1811-1832) in 1831[1]. They had a son together, Lewis Bieber Balliet (1832-1913). Stephen Balliet's wife died in April of 1832. Following her death, he married Elizabeth Huntzinger and together they had eleven children, five of whom survived into adulthood: Sarah, Emma, Fannie, Margaret, and Arabella[2].


In 1853 Stephen Balliet (1809-1860), his brother Aaron Balliet (1813-1895), his brother-in-law Benjamin Levan (1806-1886), and his father Stephen Balliet (1781-1854) became incorporated to form Stephen Balliet & Co., beginning the Coplay Ironworks[3].

The Northampton Bank in Allentown, PA, chartered in 1814, began to fail in 1842 and shut its doors. The bank reopened in 1843[4], and Stephen Balliet was elected as the president of the bank on June 5 of that year[5].


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