Paul Balliet (1811-1886)

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Early Life

Paul Balliet was born in Whitehall Township, Ballietsville on May 11, 1811, to Stephen Balliet (1753-1821) and Magdalena Burgalter (1765-1805)[1]. Paul Balliet was home schooled for the majority of his early life, but later had the opportunity to study in Easton, PA[2].


Paul married Sarah Moyer, from Whitehall. They had several children together: Paul, Sabina, Josephine, Catherine, Amanda[3], and Ella[4]. Following the death of his wife, Paul Balliet married Kate Emery on May 20, 1878[5].


Paul Balliet worked on his father's farm, which in later years he purchased for himself. He also managed a store in Heidelberg township, as well as managed a furnace that his father owned[6]. Along with his brothers Aaron Balliet (1813-1895) and John Balliet (1819-1886), Paul Balliet became involved in a mining enterprise in North Whitehall. Paul Balliet was also a stockholder at Coplay furnace, which was close to his home[7]. Additionally, Paul Balliet sat on the Allentown Savings Institution Board of Trustees. As indicated in the official records of the Court of Quarter Sessions of Lehigh, Paul Balliet along with Joseph Newhard were elected as school directors in 1854[8].

In 1863, Paul Balliet was reported as one of the top 20 earners in Lehigh County, along with his brother, Aaron Balliet (1813-1895), and brother-in-law, Benjamin Levan (1806-1886). That year he earned $7,309 through his interests in the Ironton Iron Mine and the Lehigh Valley Iron Company [9]. Paul Balliet was a Republican and served as county commissioner, as well as was a member of the German Reformed Church of Unionville[10].

One can see property owned by Paul Balliet on the 1865 Aschbach Map of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania [11].


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